Monday, April 18, 2016
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The Boston Marathon is an amazing event. The marathon brings people together. Families come to to support their loved ones. Friends create teams for charity. Individuals support and raise money for their causes. 


This is a test of mental and physical tenacity. 

The police were out with gound and arierl support.

 Lemi Berhanu Hayle bested defending champ Lelisa Desisa in the men’s race, finishing at 2:12:45, very modest for a Boston-winning time. Desisa, also from Ethiopia, ran a 2:13:32, while a third countryman, Adhane Tsegay, clocked a 2:14:02.

Marcel Hug, in the men's wheelchair division, narrowly held off 10-time champion Ernst Van Dyk and Kurt Fearnley in a classic finish. Hug crossed the finish line in 1 hour, 24 minutes, 1 second, about a chair's length ahead of Van Dyk and Fearnley, who crossed in a photo finish.

Sunday, April 10, 2016
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We live in a built environment. Our houses, malls, urban areas: all are purposefully designed and built to be beautiful, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Architecture is something that everyone interacts with on a daily basis. It is engrained in every part of civilization. As an architectural photographer, I always strive to capture the original vision of the designer and their space and present it in its truest form to those who view my work.


In honor of National Architecture Week, which takes place April 10-16, I wanted to take the time show my support to talented architects who have made positive contributions to our communities and society in general. 


My company, Nomoi Design has had the pleasure of photographing some amazing companies and businesses such as Alliance Architecture, Rand Construction, and The Washington Post, capturing their interior and exterior architectural designs through high dynamic photography, video, and rich media.  


In the design-build industry, rich visual media and photography allow potential viewers to be immersed in an architectural space. It allows people to educate themselves and make informed decisions. These mediums when produced accurately reflects, intrigues and informs–which is something I’ve been incredibly honored to do throughout my career.


Good architecture is nothing without good photography to convey it to the masses. When done correctly, everyone benefits from the work–the owner, interior designers, landscape architects, contractors, consultants, product manufacturers, tenants and even the photographer themselves all take similar pride in the building. 


With this week dedicated to architects and their works, I hope each and everyone shines the architectural spotlight across the nation, enabling us to explore architectural treasures not only in the confines of the web but in the physical world as well. 


Nomoi Design and I are excited for the opportunity to honor architects everywhere this week by capturing and sharing more incredible architectural design projects created by people like you for years to come. 

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
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I had the honor of photographing one of the leading magazine in the country, Politico.

This architecturally advanced building has expansive openings and inviting hallways and offices. I shot the photos around 6am in an effort to capture the early morning light. With many of the shots like the production room, general office area, and tv-filled hallway, I felt I was able capture that “energy” that many political magazines have, even though the office was vacant.


It’s the “buzz anticipation” of the arriving journalists and editors that I felt I was able to create with my unique shot positioning.  The office’s bright and bold red and blue colored walls invoked a clear energy of strength and power, but also held a subtle class with its modern chairs, spacious layout and floor to ceiling windows.  


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Tuesday, September 01, 2015
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I had the pleasure of recently shooting a new building awarded Leed Platinum. It was designed by Interplan, Incorporated and built by Korth Companies, Inc. General Contractors.  Every photo shoot is a little different, as no two venues are exactly the same. Every place I’m fortunate enough to capture presents its own set of challenges. This Rapid Advance shoot, however, was exponentially more unique than most of the places I have photographed in the past.


This 23,000 square feet building is the first to be built in downtown Bethesda in 12 years. It’s architecture is a seamless blend of modernity and classic themes and if I had to describe it one word, it would be “stunning”.


Every inch of the venue is aesthetically gratifying, as it features stained and polished concrete floors, custom maple wood paneling, bright and clean LED lighting, gorgeous whiskey barrel wood flooring, and even has numerous golf putting greens throughout the office. It’s safe to assume there are more than a few golfers working there! The entire venue had this natural flow to it that was both functional and inviting, and the impeccable lighting and floor space made it amazing to shoot.  I'm looking forward to shooting another one of Korth Companies, Inc. General Contractors in the future!

Friday, May 08, 2015
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Phone Photoshop

Today we live in this I have to have it now society. People want things right away. In the world of photography this is ever-increasing. You can be on a shoot and some will say, "I want to see the photos". One thing you can keep in mind is that being able to wet their appetite is a good thing. You may also want to give your followers on social media something to see while you're working. So one thing that I love from the modern cameras is it they can seamlessly take high-resolution images and send them straight to my phone. Here I can do some light photo editing or as I like to call it "Phone Photoshop." Then I upload those images to my social media site.

It's super easy to do and super simple check out the real quick video that I made. It's quick and dirty but it gets the point across.