Jason is a distinguished designer and award winning architectural photographer based in Washington DC. His educational training from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University has helped him establish a prolific multi-media and industrial design company, Nomoi Design. This artistic and versatile company designs ergonomic and green products as well as captures via camera lens the aesthetic grandeur of LEED certified architecture (credentials that affirms advanced knowledge in green building) and C2C products utilizing green methods (regenerative design that utilizes a biometric approach based on natures processes and materials).  As a product and graphic designer, Jason's company has designed high-functioning 120 kilovolt circuit breakers that conserve electrical energy for Mitsubishi Electric. Jason Flakes has created ergonomic furniture for the Discovery Channel, German TV, Camden Yards Baseball Stadium, Best Ergonomics, Strayer University, and the DC Police Department.  As a successful photography company, Jason has traveled internationally in partnerships with the International Hotel Group, Rand Construction, Signature Building Systems, and Everscape to photograph a wide array of hotels, buildings, restaurants, and other sites in time-lapse projects, virtual tours, and HDR stills.  Nomoi Photography has been featured in Contract Magazines and Contract Masonry Association of California and Nevada. Nomoi Design has photographed still pictures that have garnered LEED Platinum awards from Squires, Sanders, and Dempsey. Further, Jason was awarded a magazine spread as “I, Photographer” by the international Popular Photography magazine in 2012.  In 2012, Jason was selected and invited to attend the Boisbuchet Products of Design Program in Boisbuchet, France, to study with world-renowned industrial designers and create non-constructive design to improve systems and design for environmental sustainability.



Designing is a responsibility and as an artist one should share their designs with the world. We have senses that are able to absorb the world around us and as an artist I would like to entertain all of these 5 senses. For this reason I have not settled on a particular medium. My work is constantly evolving, just as I am.